Briefing - Degree Apprenticeships

26 July 2023

Russell Group universities work with more than 500 local and national employers to offer a mixture of advanced, higher and degree apprenticeships. These courses provide high quality technical and academic education ensuring students leave with the skills and experience valued by employers.

With only 10% of undergraduate entrants to degree apprenticeships studying at Russell Group universities, there is potential for growth of provision. However, there are four main barriers:

  1. Administrative burden – the scale and complexity of responding to regulatory requirements means universities often determine the cost-to-burden ratio to not be beneficial.
  2. Lack of SME engagement – although SMEs would benefit from degree apprentices, many do not have the resources to co-develop courses with universities.
  3. Information and guidance – improved information and guidance is needed to increase student awareness and knowledge of degree apprenticeships.
  4. Financial sustainability – investing more in degree apprenticeships is challenging within the context of growing deficits for teaching undergraduate degrees.

Read our full briefing on Degree Apprenticeships below.

Briefing - Degree Apprenticeships.pdf

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