International Students: a UK success story

25 January 2023

The fact our universities attract people from around the world is an asset and should be seen as a UK success story: they bring in vital export income, enrich the learning environment for domestic students and support the provision of high-quality education and research across the country.

It is why the UK Government’s ambition was to host 600,000 international students a year by 2030 and why it celebrated hitting that target years ahead of schedule. Introducing new restrictions on international students and their dependants risks damaging the UK’s prospects for economic growth, with the impact being felt across the whole of the country. Such an action could also impact on quality and choice for domestic students as well as the UK’s research and innovation capability, stymying efforts to cement our status as a science superpower.

Read our briefing below.

International Students Briefing - Jan 2023.pdf

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